EHS Management System

We are proud of our commitment to environmental, health, and safety excellence.

Subject: Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Policy
Application: Worldwide
Statement of Policy

Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited is committed to carry out its business activities in a manner consistent with sound EH&S management practices and to comply with applicable EH&S laws, regulations, and other relevant requirements. Objectives include: prevention of injury and pollution, and protection of health and the environment. New products will be developed to minimise the EH&S risks throughout their life cycle. We endeavour to be good citizens in every community in which we operate. The Company will communicate to suppliers our expectation that they conduct their operations in a responsible manner.

The CEO has ultimate responsibility for EH&S compliance within the Company with the guidance and support of the Board of Directors. Company management will regularly review EH&S aspects, impacts, risks, and compliance requirements of our organisation’s products and operations, and strive to minimise these impacts through continuous improvement and measurable targets. All employees are expected to conform to applicable policies, procedures and management system requirements. Our worldwide EH&S organisation monitors, assesses and regularly reports new regulations and performance, and provides EH&S advice to the Board of Directors and other Company leaders.

Approved by: Kodak Alaris Holdings Limited Board of Directors
March 2, 2017


Injury/illness rate is a common safety performance metric. Worldwide, we track "lost time incident rate", or the number of workplace injuries and illnesses that result in days away from work per 100 employees.

Although we strive for zero workplace incidents, our current occupational injury rate is 0.2. This means that on an annual basis, 3 employee per 1000 employees has an injury that requires them to miss work the next day. Each injury is investigated, and actions are taken to prevent the injury from recurring. Typical injuries include motor vehicle accidents, sprains, strains, slips, trips, and falls.

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